Prepress Specifications

At RiverView Printing, we hit the mark, precisely. Our platesetters use thermal lasers to meticulously etch images onto printing plates which gives us the ability to virtually match the colors on the files you provide to the finished printed product. We also use graybars to calibrate each page and accurately set ink. Lastly, we provide color settings for you that are a fingerprint of our press and allow us to provide the highest print quality to you.

Color Settings       PDF Settings

Color Capacity: 80 pages broadsheet
Paper: 27.7# newsprint, 35# offset and 50# offset
Paper Size: variable web widths from 24”-36”
Sheet Cutoff: 21”
Printing Inks: CMYK
Screen Ruling: 120 line screen
Options: Quarter folder (with an online gluer) and section stitcher